Travel guidelines

From our point of view, the situation in Egypt is currently very relaxed in every respect. Of course, Egypt is also affected by the corona pandemic, but not to the same extent as the European countries.

A diving safari naturally carries a significantly lower risk of infection than a normal hotel stay, as contacts are limited to the small group of people present. Our crew is also regularly tested and all are vaccinated.

Entry regulations Egypt as of 15.10.21
You need the following documents printed and in English language for entry:


  • Proof of full vaccination status with a WHO approved vaccine. Except for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, two doses are always required. The Egyptian authorities do not recognize vaccination of a recovered person with just one vaccination dose. The vaccination certificate must comply with the rules of the issuing country and contain a QR code.


  • PCR test, which must not be older than 72 hours (if entering via Frankfurt airport, not older than 96 hours). The test result must be presented in English or Arabic and must include details of the date and time the smear was taken. A QR code can be requested on the test result.


  • Declaration Form (entry form) from the Egyptian government. The form is usually handed out on the plane.

Please inform yourself about the current rules, especially in relation to the current corona pandemic, before you leave. The currently valid official regulations can be found e.g. at ReiseUndSicherheit / Egyptian security / 212622 or on the official pages of your home country.

We pay great attention to hygiene on board and disinfectants are available. There is no mask requirement on board.

When traveling back to most countries, special requirements are currently also to be observed. This usually includes completing an online entry form and presenting proof of vaccination or negative tests (PCR or antigen test) when entering your home country.

We have the option of having a doctor come to us on the boat one day before the journey home, who will then carry out the test on all guests. The result is available within 12 hours and the confirmations are brought to the ship. The costs for this are currently around 70 USD.