The Daedalus Reef – in Arabic Abu el Kizan – is located 180 km south of the Brother Islands far from the mainland coast in a marine reserve.

The striking landmark is the lighthouse from 1863 and rebuilt in 1931, which stands on the artificially created island above the reef roof. This lighthouse can also be visited. When you have climbed the many steps, you will be rewarded with a magnificent overview of the 1000 meter long and up to 300 meter wide reef, and maybe you can also enjoy the setting sun after an exciting day of diving.

Due to the exposed location, currents are usually always to be found on the Daedalus Reef. The reef is surrounded by a steep wall and has a plateau on the south side. The current splits on the north face and the conditions are somewhat rougher. Entire schools of hammerhead sharks are often spotted here and dolphins are also more common here. Only technical divers can find the wreck of the Zealot at a depth of 90 meters, from which remains of the steel girders can also be seen in the area accessible to recreational divers. On the southern plateau, which is 30 to 40 meters below the anchorage, there are not only occasional and overwhelming thresher shark visits, but also impressive and diverse schools of mackerel, doctor fish and schools of barracuda. On the west side, “Anemone City” is waiting for a visit from clownfish lovers.