The Brother Islands or the Brothers for short are two small islands approx. 60 km east of El Qusier in the middle of the Red Sea: Big Brother and Little Brother. The dive sites on these two islands are among the top spots not only in the Red Sea, but in the whole world.
From a distance you can see the 36m high lighthouse on the Big Brother , which is looked after by Egyptian soldiers and can also be visited. When diving on the steep walls rising from a depth of 700m there are good chances of encounters with large fish – hammerheads and thresher sharks are almost part of the standard program, gray reef sharks and whitetip deep-sea sharks are also often spotted. But the coral growth on the reefs is extraordinarily magnificent, countless schools of fish feel at home here and it is always worth taking a look at the blue water. In the north of the Big Brothers there are also the two wrecks Numidia and Aida , which you can dive in good weather conditions.
The 150 m long steam cargo ship Numidia hit the reef in 1901 and is now at a depth of between 5 and 80 m. It is beautifully overgrown with sea fans, hard and soft corals – a priceless sight! Aida, a little further to the west, is an 82m long steamer that sank in 1957 and has since broken apart. Most of the hull is over 35m deep and is also fantastically overgrown. Other wreckage can be found scattered around.
On the north plateau of the Little Brothers there is a cleaning station for reef sharks, but at a depth of 40m. The reef offers an immense density of marine life in a very small space. Sponges, anemones, all kinds of hard and soft corals in an amazing color and shape adorn the walls.

The mostly fresh wind on the open sea leads to high waves. The current can be quite strong at the Brother Islands, so this safari is recommended for experienced and safe divers.