Elphinstone is only about 11 km from the mainland coast near Marsa Alam and is a very spectacular reef with sometimes bizarre currents. Drift dives are almost exclusively carried out here.
The elongated reef (approx. 450 m long) has beautiful plateaus in the north and south and breathtaking steep walls on the flanks, which are overgrown with gorgonians, wire corals, black corals and soft corals. The reef is known for frequent encounters with longimani, the white tip deep sea sharks. But hammerheads, gray reef sharks and even tiger sharks can also be found here. The northern plateau usually attracts experienced divers to look for sharks in the depths. There are also great opportunities for technical diving to explore the very impressive underwater landscape. The southern plateau also has beautiful soft corals. Here you can spot many scorpion fish and stone fish, and turtles often make the diver’s heart beat faster.