Abu Kafan means “father of the deep”. This name makes sense, because the beautifully overgrown steep walls of the reef drop to a depth of about 400m. The 300m long narrow reef lies in a north-south direction and has a plateau on the north and south sides. With the predominant north current, the boat is mostly moored on the south side and you can take the Zodiac for wonderful drift dives along the steep walls on the east or west side. Depending on the current, you can first spend some time on the indescribably beautifully overgrown northern plateau and, with a bit of luck, watch sharks or turtles before you relax and drift south along the steep wall. The reef is covered with large sea fans, soft corals and also black corals. During the dives at Abu Kafan it is always worth keeping a watchful eye in the blue water, because due to the exposed location and the current, all kinds of large fish sightings are possible here. If you dive on the southern plateau, you will find a column-like coral block rising from a depth of 18 m almost to the surface, around which the maritime life romps. There is often a strong current between this column and the main reef. If there is little current, it is worth doing several laps around this column at different depths. On the southern plateau there are scorpion fish, stone fish and crocodile fish to be discovered among the corals.

Abu Kafan is without a doubt one of the most spectacular dive sites in Safaga, as everything can be observed here.